Category The Bad: Barcelona in August

  10 Reasons to hate Barcelona in August   Landed in Barcelona for your August getaway?  One piece of advice, get out!   Why? Let me count the (10) ways I hate Barcelona in August;   Heat and humidity, and what it does to people. August is the hottest month of the year, so most READ MORE

Category The Bad: The closing of BarcelonaReykjavik

Sometimes things are just too good to last. The closing of eco-bakery BarcelonaReykjavik is a recent example, leaving Barcelona less rich in fiber and variation. Before BarcelonaReykjavik, the city was a desert of white, bland bread. Personally, I was in excellent shape, back then, running for miles through the city trying to find a bread READ MORE

Category: Society – The Bad: Working in Barcelona

Updated; June 18. Working in Barcelona still has a ring of the good life about it for foreigners, and company’s promote the beachside lifestyle for all that it is worth. The ads don’t tell you the real story; that for most people working in Barcelona means a pay check so thin you can use it READ MORE

Category: General – The Bad – Drivers

In Catalonia a worryingly large number of drivers seem to drive with two demons on each shoulder: Incompetence & Recklessness. One can make a list of typical driving errors and tick of every box when observing traffic here during longer drives. The most dangerous being overtaking other cars and the most inopportune times and places. READ MORE

Category: Architecture – The Bad: Cubics

Cubics, Santa Coloma This hotel/apartment/entertainment centre project really is one of the most misplaced architectural projects in the greater Barcelona. The entrance to the cinema looks like a parking entrance with an inclination steep enough to preventing those with weaker legs from ever leaving the premises. The buildings are completely “dead” with the appearance of READ MORE