Top Attractions

Get to know more about the top tourist attractions and sightseeing possibilities in Barcelona from the iconic Sagrada Familia to the cathedral of football Camp Nou.

Top 10 Barcelona Visited Tourist Attractions

1. La Sagrada Familia – Gaudí’s magnificent unfinished temple. A must-see!
2. The Barcelona Aquarium – A kid’s favorite in Barcelona, all kinds of aquatic life with the shark tank as the highlight.
3. The Spanish Village (Poble Espanyol) – A typical Spanish village constructed to show traditional living in Spain.
4. La Pedrera – Casa Milá – Another Gaudí creation, the quarry is the nickname, for obvious reasons.
5. The Barcelona FC Museum – An entertaining look at the history of the club, and art inspired by it. More about FC Barcelona
6. The Barcelona Zoo – Another kid’s favorite. Located in the pleasant Ciutadella park.
7. The Picasso Museum – The Spanish (from Malaga) painter genius Pablo Picasso donated a significant part of his early works on display here in gratitude of his formative years as an art student in the city.
8. Imax Cinema – Located in the entertainment complex by the port, Maremágnum. For when you need to see the world in 3D.
9. Miró Foundation – Joan Miró is a legend of Spanish and Catalan art. Located at Montjüic.
10. The Catalunya National Museum of Art (MNAC) – The Catalan national museum of art.

Other Favorite Sightseeing Spots

  • Palau Musica Catalana – A modernist gem by architect Domenench y Muntaner that holds its own against the work of his more famous contemporary Gaudí. This is the perfect spot for classical, jazz or world music concerts in Barcelona.
  • Parc Güell – ‘the accidental park’ by Antoni Gaudi is Barcelona’s most fascinating leisure area. The architect’s patron Eusebi Güell contracted Gaudí to plan a housing development on the outskirts of Barcelona to attract the new wealthy classes who had profited from the city’s rise to industrial and trading power. However, the industrialists and trade barons living comfortable in the fashionable Eixample district saw no reason to move ‘into the countryside’, and the architect was the areas only resident! The house he built for himself is now a small museum inside the park.

Quirky Attractions

  • Erotic Museum – The museum located on the famous Las Ramblas really is more of a curiosity than a major cultural institution, despite displaying ‘more than 800 pieces of historical value’. There are no major works of art in the collection, but it does offer a different museum experience, and it is quick to drop in for a visit.
  • Wax Museum – This oddity is also at the foot of the Ramblas, close by the erotic museum. So, if you feel like a walk on the kitchier side of Barcelona, or if you are simply to lazy to venture far off the Ramblas you now have to attractions on your list!
  • Parc de l’Espanya Industrial – This park looks like it might be the set to a Tim Burton movie with its strange twisted iron figures and ‘lighthouses for interstellar travelers’ that line up outside the Sants railway station.
  • Parc del Laberint – More tranquil and nice than quirky perhaps but the location in the Horta-Guinardó district classifies it as an unusual sightseeing destination for tourists in Barcelona. The green roots of the park stretches back to 1791 when the architect Domenico Bagutti created a neoclassical garden for a local dignitary. The name comes from the central hedge labyrinth of 750 meters of cypress trees.