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Dogs! Shitting, barking, biting dogs! I effing hate them, or rather dog owners – barking, biting or otherwise. In Barcelona it is “dog rule” as the animal is free to lay down its crap anywhere and bark at what and whomever, at anytime. Step in dog shit all day and listen to the canine choir of your neighbourhood howl all night. This is part of the privilege of life in Barna.
Worse is, naturally, when you experience an attack. I am someone who truly enjoys the outdoors, hiking and running, and unfortunately this drastically increases the number of dog encounters. Since I have been attacked by dogs more often than I care to remember, I am cautious when faced with a dog. Still, I have been half a kilometer away, walking in the other direction and still been attacked, so taking precautions is no guarantee.
In fact, the only reason I have been able to escape several dog attacks unscathed is that I have managed to stay calm, avoiding further provocation of the animal, and thus diffused the situation. My point is, though, how is it possible to have this many dog owners that don’t have any control of their pet?! Having a pet, whether it is hamster or a dog comes with responsibilities; giving it a good home, feeding it well, keeping it healthy and have it under control. These basics seem to be beyond the grasp of a large percentage of dog owners in Barcelona.
So, do I have any empirical evidence that dog owners in Barcelona are more incompetent than in other countries? Well, 20+ years of experience living in various European countries, the UK (soon to be non-European country) and the US. The only place I have experienced being attacked by dogs is in Barcelona. I realize a dog just acts out its nature, and as a dog owner you should have a handle on that, otherwise get yourself a turtle!
Who let the dogs out!? Fuck knows, just keep them the hell away from me!

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