Category: General – The Ugly: “Correbous”

In Catalonia, despite being the first region to ban bull-fighting, the practice of Correbous still goes on. The generalitat (parliament) recently decided (114 to 14) that setting bulls on fire and chasing them through the streets is a worthwhile tradition. All though townspeople in the southern region (Tarragona, Valencia area) contain themselves to placing torches and fireworks on the horns one could easily imagine that the bulls find the whole ordeal pretty stressful! In fact, I feel anyone who thinks this is a “tradition” to maintain should be chased around naked in their local town wearing a helmet with blazing fireworks. Only then could you claim that the correbous is not harmful to the animals!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Having lived here a few years now and popped along to the odd corre foc or two (not been to a correbous tho), I reckon that any of the fire/firework type fiestas are dangerous for just about everybody! Bulls, bystanders, participants and bloggers!

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