Doble Zer00

Category: Restaurants – The Good: Doble Zer00
Doble Zer00 is located by a small plaza around the corner from the Santa Caterina market. It is a discreet location for a pretty exciting take on Asian fusion. Nice selection of sushi plates, but also some Thai and other “exotic” varieties. A favorite is the steak with foie on volcanic rock on a bed of maldon salt. The ambience is laid-back, Barcelona chic and well suited as a first-stop on an evening out in El Born.

The service is, …let´s say relaxed. Not overly professional, but friendly. The kitchen is not without some minor mishaps, but we’ve been there on numerous occasions and never left less than content with the experience. Medium priced with the lunch deal offering especially good value for money.

Address: Carrer de Jaume Giralt, 53, Ciutat Vella.


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