Food in Barcelona (Catalonia) is about joy and tradition! The best representatives of Catalan cuisine manage to mix tradition with avantgarde, which is why several restaurants in the region are world class.

Venturing out into the wilderness of Barcelona kitchens is a thrilling proposition, but can be a bit daunting without some idea of what you find on the menu. Before booking that table in the new hot ticket in town you’d might want to consult our guide to Catalan food on this page first!

Catalan Cuisine: The dishes

Patatas Bravas


patats bravas is the classic Catalan contribution to the tapas tradition; small, oven baked  potatoes with  a spicy sauce – a dish that is always included on a table of tapas.

It is a dish that is common all over Spain.

 Where to eat: Bar Tomás,  C/ Major de Sarrià, 49




Pa am tomaquét

Pa am Tomaquet - tomato breada simple yet indispensable part of almost every Catalan meal; toasted bread, dressed with fresh garlic, tomatoes and olive oil. Especially tasty with some quality Bellota ham on top!

This is typical Catalan dish, and basically always on the dinner table in the region.

Where to eat: anywhere.





Butifarrais an uncured, spicy sausage that is a Catalan speciality. It is a treat even for those not convinced by the culinary merit of sausages. Made right it is made with pure meat.

Another indigenous dish that has been adopted by other regions and countries.

Where to eat: Restaurant Julivert Meu,c/ Bonsuccés, 7






CalçotsThis leek like onion is the subject of its own fiesta – la calçotada. Before you have tried it, it might seem strange to celebrate an onion, but once you try it, roasted to exquisite sweetness and served with a spicy Romesco sauce, you’ll be happy to join in the celebration!.

Where to eat: Can Portell, Carretera Vallvidrera, Molins de Rei.





Zarzuela de mariscos

In a way this is the Catalan version of the Valencian specialty paella. This is, like its sister dish more south a mixed seafood dish. Where to eat: Cal Pinxo, Plaça Pau Vila, 1 

Esqueixada de Bacallá

is a fresh cod (dried and salted) salad with olives, onions and tomato. A typical Mediterranean dish. Where to eat: La Cova Fumada, C/Baluard 56

For dessert: Crema Catalana

Egg yolk, milk and (burnt) sugar on top come together in sweet harmony to fill the last gap in a diner’s belly. Where to eat: any good local restaurant.

Delicious Sweets – Catalan Cakes and Desserts

Orxateria BarcelonaOrxata

is a refreshing sweet drink based on tiger nut milk. It might sound a bit strange, but this filling refreshment is perfect nourishment in the summer heat. The origin of Orxata is the Valencia region, but you don’t need to walk far to find a glass of orxata in Barcelona either.Where to buy: a traditional Orxateria which is like a small café/kiosk specializing in making it.


Not for the faint at heart, churros are like elongated, straightened donuts, basically fried batter with a generous layer of sugar. If this isn’t sweet enough, do as the Catalans and dip them in warm chocolate! Where to buy: street kiosks

Coca de vidre

is a type of pastry with pine nuts and a splash of anís liquor. A treat that is typically Catalan. Crunchy and sweet! Where to buy: a good bakery.