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Look, I am as much a fan of bicycles as the next guy. In fact, I think we should have a lot less cars and a lot more of stuff with pedals and two wheels.. Mother Nature would appreciate it and we could all live happier, healthier more fulfilled lives. Cyclists, on the other hand….Something happens with these spandex dressed bundles of carbon dioxide guzzling health fetichists flock together. They seem to feel more sense of entitlement than a Tea Party zealot with a great great great grandfather who arrived on the Mayflower and has Manifest Destiny as a religious belief.

I used to think Spanish drivers were the most aggressive representatives of road rage and ignorance in Spain, but that was before taking a short drive from Sant Celoni to Montseny, where two different groups of cyclists managed to halt all traffic through the city main street, jumping pedestrian crossings, holding back traffic on the main road, and causing dangerous situations up the narrow mountain road when other drivers decided to overtake the group at any suitable and non-suitable spot.

It is true that cycling raises the pulse and makes the blood run faster – for those in the car behind, stuck watching the backsides of a group of pedalling maniacs oblivious to the world, for miles!

Cyclists, give us a break! In fact, a little common sense would do, and everyone one the road could live longer, happier lives.

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