Category: General – The Bad – Drivers

In Catalonia a worryingly large number of drivers seem to drive with two demons on each shoulder: Incompetence & Recklessness. One can make a list of typical driving errors and tick of every box when observing traffic here during longer drives. The most dangerous being overtaking other cars and the most inopportune times and places. READ MORE

Category: Architecture – The Bad: Cubics

Cubics, Santa Coloma This hotel/apartment/entertainment centre project really is one of the most misplaced architectural projects in the greater Barcelona. The entrance to the cinema looks like a parking entrance with an inclination steep enough to preventing those with weaker legs from ever leaving the premises. The buildings are completely “dead” with the appearance of READ MORE

The Ugly: Mossos d’Esquadra – Barcelona Police

Today, May 27th 2011, there was a demonstration at Plaza Catalunya, Barcelona. This is a result of many young people in Spain feeling “robbed of a future” with the unemployment rate being as high as 40% for the young. The politicians failing to deal with the economical crisis the country is experiencing, many take to READ MORE

Category: General – The Ugly: “Correbous”

In Catalonia, despite being the first region to ban bull-fighting, the practice of Correbous still goes on. The generalitat (parliament) recently decided (114 to 14) that setting bulls on fire and chasing them through the streets is a worthwhile tradition. All though townspeople in the southern region (Tarragona, Valencia area) contain themselves to placing torches READ MORE

Category: Architecture – The Ugly: Mercat de L’Abaceria

The Mercat de L’Abaceria, Barcelona´s ugliest market? Somehow the city council, in their furor to “upgrade” Barcelona forgot about this market in Grácia – ramshackle and grey it has a rather sad and resigned air about it. It is worth visiting when in Grácia, though, for the quality produce the stalls here genreally do offer READ MORE

Category: General – The Ugly: “Okupas”

“Okupas” (house occupants, squatters) or “atheists” are a regular fixture in Barcelona, always wearing their uniforms of non-conformity; nose-piercings, dreads, beads etc. The irony of uniformingly signalling your independence to a uniform consumer society is, however, not enough to merit a place among “the ugly” of Barcelona – Hypocricy is. One example is hosting an READ MORE

Category: Food – The Good: Restaurant Embat

Friendly service, nice informal setting. Very tasty food, inventive without being showy (or silly). Excellent value for money! The food is based on local, in season, produce given a modern touch. The locale might be a bit cold with a dominating white, but the atmosphere still manages to come off as warm. Underrated. Address: Carrer READ MORE