Category: General – The Ugly: “Okupas”

“Okupas” (house occupants, squatters) or “atheists” are a regular fixture in Barcelona, always wearing their uniforms of non-conformity; nose-piercings, dreads, beads etc. The irony of uniformingly signalling your independence to a uniform consumer society is, however, not enough to merit a place among “the ugly” of Barcelona – Hypocricy is. One example is hosting an “anti-racism café” (bar/party) in a residential neighbourhood.

An applaudable inititave, one would think, but when they are occupying the backstreet, located under this particular writer’s bedroom window, celebrating their tolerance by blasting crap techno way into the night in one can’t help but note the hypocricy. How credible is your tolerant, anti-establishment stance when you can’t even show respect for your own barrio? Though is it too much to ask that respecting difference includes respecting those in your closest vicinity who do not share your lifestyle?
Hey, the bourgeois are people too!

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